Windows 11 Customize Display Error How can I fix it?

Windows 11 is the latest operating system from Microsoft and promises to provide an easier user interface and a visually attractive experience. With its stylish style and new capabilities, lots of users are keen to update their system. Like any brand new program, Windows 11 is not completely free of bugs. The most frequent issue users are facing is “Customize Display Error.” In this piece we’ll explore the reasons behind this error and offer step-by-step methods for fixing the issue. While fix this issue, if you facing the problem regarding the synthetics monitoring Here is the solution how to get synthetics monitoring to work in new relic

What is “Customize display error”?

“Customize Display Error “Customize Display Error” is an issue that arises when people attempt to alter the settings of their displays in Windows 11 but encounter unexpected difficulties. The error could manifest as a variety of methods, like not being able to alter the resolution of the display, change brightness, or set up multiple display.

Common Causes for Errors

There are a variety of factors that can cause several causes of “Customize display Error” In Windows 11:

  • Uncompatible Drivers for Graphics: Incompatible or outdated graphics drivers may cause conflict which can cause issues with display.
  • Software Conflicts: Third-party software or programs may be in be in conflict incompatible with Windows 11 settings, resulting in a display error.
  • corrupted system files: Windows 11 relies on a variety of system files to manage display settings, and should any of these files are damaged. it could cause the issue.
  • Hardware incompatibility: Hardware components might not be compatibile in Windows 11, causing display issues.

Examining the System Compatibility

Before you attempt any repairs make sure that your computer is up to date with the requirements of Windows 11. Microsoft has the PC Health Check tool that will determine whether your equipment and software is compatible.

Update of Graphics Drivers

Incorrect graphics drivers are the most common reason for issues with displays. To upgrade your drivers, follow these instructions:

  • Use Windows + the X key and then select Device Manager..
  • Look for the Display adapters category. Right-click the graphic card and select to update the driver.
  • Choose Automatically Search for the latest driver applications and adhere to the instructions on screen.

Setting the Display Settings

If you’re having trouble changing the display’s settings, attempt the following steps:

  • Click right-click and choose the Display options.
  • In the scale and layout section, adjust the slider according to various values to see if that solves the problem.

Solving conflicts with third-party software

Third-party programs can interfere in the Windows 11 display settings. You should consider uninstalling or removing recent software in order to determine the cause.

Utilizing the System File Checker (SFC) Scan

The SFC scan is a way to repair damaged system file. This is how you can do it:

  • Start the the Command Prompt for administrator.
  • Enter SFC/Scannow and then press enter..
  • The scan will take a while to be completed and then restart your PC.

Conducting a Clean Boot

Clean booting can assist determine if the issue resulted from a different program or service. Take these steps:

  • Click Windows + R Enter the command msconfig Enter, then hit Enter.
  • Within the System Configuration window, click the Services tab.
  • You can for Hide All Microsoft service and then click Delete everything.
  • Click on The Startup Tab, then choose the task manager to open..
  • Turn off all startup programs and reboot your computer.

Setting Windows 11 to Default Settings

If none of the previous options work, you can try resetting Windows 11 to its default settings:

  • Click the Settings Settings Systems > Recovery.
  • In the section Reset this computer Click Start to follow directions.

Contact Microsoft Support Microsoft Support

If nothing else works If all else fails, don’t be afraid to call Microsoft Support for further assistance. Microsoft Support will be able to provide personalised solutions that address your specific problem.


If you’ve experienced encountering the “Customize Display error” experiencing the “Customize Display Error” Windows 11 can be frustrating However, by implementing the instructions in this post to resolve this issue and take advantage of all the features of the operating system. Be sure that you must keep your graphics drivers updated, monitor for conflicts with software, as well as run regular system scans to ensure a seamless performance on your computer.

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