Cost to Develop a Website in India 2024: The Complete Guide

In a world that is quickly becoming digital, websites are no longer just pretty pictures. They’re the key to success in this age of technology. Whether you’re operating a fresh start-up or an old giant corporation, the math behind pricing for web development is essential.

All the aspects considered for calculating website development in India will cost. This comprehensive guide will give you all the information you need to know about pricing your next step into 2024.

Kinds of Websites and Their Estimated Costs

A site can be something as straightforward as a contact page or something as intricate as an online store. So, here are some rough prices for different types of websites

Basic Information Sharing Website:

These are simple websites where one can post information about themselves or their companies. Generally, costs associated with building such sites include domain registration, hosting and basic designing charges. In 2024 it’s expected that this kind of simple informative website will cost around $500 – $5,000 depending on how complex and advanced features you would like to add.

Online Selling Websites:

E-Commerce platforms are the best options if you want to sell products online through your web portal! Such platforms involve listing down products, and features related to shopping carts along with payment gateway integration etc. Prices may vary from $2,000 – $50,000 depending on many aspects and scale-up requirements.

Customized Web Apps:

Web applications like social networking sites or project management tools demand extensive knowledge of programming languages. These sorts of projects are highly complex and might range from $10,000 – $1000 based on complexity and integration lengths.

Development Platforms:

Choosing a development platform is vital, it’s the foundation where everything else you want to add will be built upon. Some common and popular examples of these are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. Each variation has its own costs and considerations.


Small or medium-scale businesses are most likely to use this platform. The base software itself is free but when factoring in themes, plugins and custom development services the price generally ranges from $1k – $20k.

Custom Development:

If you need a different solution for your web portal then consider going for custom development. This method normally involves high costs which it could be in the range of $5,000 – $100,000 depending on how complex your project is.

Design and User Experience (UX):

Nowadays, developing a beautiful appearance and a user-friendly experience are the two most significant factors determining the success of a website. This is because clients choose well-designed sites that are easier to use than simple informational web pages. Thus, when it comes to design charges don’t be stingy as they can accelerate or slow down your company’s expansion! These kinds of designs will likely cost around 1k-10k or more depending on customization levels in 2024.

Responsive Design:

This calls for responsive website development due to the increased usage of mobile devices these days meaning that your webpage should be accessible across different screen sizes without any issues for the viewer. Normally, whenever we include this feature in our portal design, we have to pay an extra fee of between 20-30% of the normal design expenses.

Domain and Hosting:

Securing a domain name is one of the first steps involved in creating a website nowadays. In addition, choosing hosting services should consider their impact on site loading speed and customer availability. While domain registration costs range from $10 – $20 per year hosting expenses depend on many factors including the service provider you choose. Shared hosting services may cost between $5 – $30 while dedicated ones could go up to hundreds or even thousands level.

Content Management System (CMS) and Updates:

However, CMS platforms provide an easy way to update content. The popular CMS examples comprise WordPress, Joomla and Drupal among other numerous ones available here today. However, these prices usually vary depending on how complex a CMS integration turns out to be as they can go from $500 up to over $10k if you want so.

E-commerce Features:

Features such as online payments are required by e-commerce websites designed for retailers.… This may entail investing in payment gateway integration product catalogue set-up security measures et cetera, From basic options that cost approximately 2k USD to high-end variations starting at about 20k USD.

Security Measures:

It is therefore a no-brainer that every website be protected in today’s cyber world. These prices may differ depending on the level of protection needed, but they are usually around $500 to $5k.

SEO and Digital Marketing:

Your site cannot get any traffic if no one visits it. SEO services plus digital marketing campaigns for driving traffic are important to make your site visible. Monthly SEO costs can range from 500$ up to 5k$ depending on the size of your business while digital marketing campaigns have different prices covering different scopes as well.

Testing and Quality Assurance:

When your site is required to work, thorough testing ensures its operationalise. For instance, QA may also test how user-friendly security vulnerabilities within a system are or if the software has compatibility issues with other devices. Usually, though, the price for these tests lies between 1-10 thousand dollars based on what you need.

Maintenance and Support:

The development process should not end when it goes live, hence Website maintenance services that guarantee their durability. In most cases, this is about ten per cent to twenty per cent each year of development expenses incurred during initial phases.


However, even at this stage, we cannot escape from repeating the same fact: many factors affect website creation costs starting from its type and ending with required functionalities. That’s why businesses and individuals must understand what they need to allocate sufficient funds when doing such projects. Nevertheless, using such a guide here simply as an overview before contacting developers who can offer specifically tailored estimates based upon request will help you plan before proper consultations take place.

In order to start your online business or target a large number of people, you have to pay for it. To make the right decisions and achieve success in building your website in 2024, it is important to familiarize yourself with the expenses involved

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